In our fast-changing world, Adobe Photoshop is considered essential knowledge. Help your children gain this knowledge and go beyond basic applications (Word and PowerPoint). Using Photoshop, students can enhance their school work; the science poster, the history presentation, the school paper illustration and more. And there is no software more often used and more helpful for project requirements as well as personal hobbies (e.g. photography) as Adobe Photoshop!

This workshop is ideal for kids, 9–15 yrs old. Older teens can still attend the workshop if they want to, or choose to attend our Adobe Photoshop Essentials class.

Starting Adobe Photoshop
Anywhere Orientation
Running Adobe Photoshop
Zoom & Navigate a Photo
Using a Tool
Saving to Different Formats
Selecting Objects
Using Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand & Quick Selection Tools
Moving/Copying a Selection
Modifying a Selection (Add or Subtract)
Transforming a Selection
Fixing Photo Problems
Cropping an Image to Size
Adjusting the Tone or Color of the Whole Photo
Adjusting the Tone or Color of a part of the Photo
Fixing Defects
Using Layers to Put Together Your Project
What are Layers?
Combining Photos
Layer Properties – Opacity, Blending Mode
Moving, Transforming, Linking Layers
Creating Color Gradients
Adding Text Merging Layers


Basic computer skills.


Students must have Adobe Photoshop CC (lower versions are acceptable however maybe restricted), Zoom application and stable internet connection.


  • Includes e-certificate of completion

Fees: SR50.
Includes materials & e-certificate at the end of the class.