Zippy Writers offer a summer course “Kid Blogging – 101” of a one-month duration. The kids are
stepping into the digital world where blogging is on the peak. This way, we can say that the world is
entirely different from the one you grew up in. And one of the major differences is the ability to write
life stories and post their thoughts on social media or even a blog.


Pirah Aijaz is a published writer from Pakistan, Karachi. She has done M.Phil in Education. Since 2019, she has been working as a freelance SEO Content Writer/trainer as she is managing her website (Zippy Writers) as an online learning platform through which she conducts a variety of courses regarding content writing, freelancing, etc. Following writing as a hobby, she has been writing on different genres for various print and digital platforms since 2013. Alongside, she has been working as a freelance content writer for various digital platforms and organizations since 2019. 
Furthermore, she has conducted workshops and awareness sessions on various issues to raise awareness on behalf of different organizations. 
She aims to provide a fair platform to women across the globe to share their thoughts on trending issues of society, learn new skills, make their portfolios, and kick start their careers as freelance content writers.