English Olympiad

About Ms. Namirah

➡️I am an experienced English Teacher/Tutor.😊 My qualifications include Bachelor of Education and Masters in Business Administration.

➡️Taught English Grammar for 10years in India and 2years in International Schools of Riyadh.

➡️Worked as a Coordinator for English Subject.

➡️Won many Outstanding Academic Achievement awards at school level.🧑‍🎓

➡️Awarded with certificate of Excellence for organizing English Olympiad successfully.

💮 With our Writing Immersion Program, currently helping many students enrich their vocabulary and excel in writing skills.

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What is an English Olympiad?

It is an English language and grammar competition that helps students judge themselves in terms of their English knowledge.

The content of the tests is designed to focus on communication and use of English language, rather than rote learning and correct grammar only.

English Olympiad comprises of four sections and test for each section will be conducted separately via Zoom as follows:

15.08.2021 – Section 1
16.08.2021 – Section 2
17.08.2021 – Section 3
18.08.2021 – Section 4

Students must read the details mentioned in the guidelines with each section and prepare accordingly.

⭐The winner will receive a surprise gift and a physical certificate. All the other participants will also receive a physical certificate.