I am Juveria Khatoon, a full time mom of 3. Besides this I am an entrepreneur who deals in exotic oils.
I believe one should push himself/herself out of their comfort zone because that’s when we start learning and self discovering ourselves. Implementing my firm believe i am a self taught Artist (acrylic and oil) and currently have invested my time in gardening also i am passionate about macrame and it was/is a worth learning experience. I love to push my limits and conquer as many forms of Arts possible.
I love to encourage people living around me to try their hands on skills be it Art, Gardening, baking etc etc as you never know which hobby or passion of yours starts to act as a therapy for a contained life.

Indoor gardening
4 sessions 4 weeks
1 hour each
Total fee SR25

Making child understand needs for a plant to grow indoors

Simple planting activities

Printable worksheets to make class interesting

Classes divided
Age group
3 to 6
7 to 10
11 to 15

Important note : home must have a sunny window or must purchase a growlight
I can guide if any doubts in shaa Allah